Office Desks - Desk Layout Ideas for Better Office Functionality

The modern office desks have designs and features which make them highly functional. However, not every desk is suitable for every office. That is why it is best if you have a precise idea for the layout of this major piece of office furniture before you go shopping. Check out some practical layout solutions which are suitable for different types of offices and operations.

Multitasking without Wasting Space

If you have to perform several different types of tasks at your desk while you are at work, you should certainly consider multifunctional office desks. The U-shaped models are an ideal choice because they are highly functional while using a limited amount of space.

With a U-shaped unit, you will have three separate work surfaces and you will sit between them. You simply need to turn in order to switch to a different task. This type of desk is great for people who have to work on a computer, write or draw by hand and meet clients and colleagues at their work station. The really great thing is that the unit can be fitted next to the wall or in a corner for the purpose of saving space.

Saving Lots of Space

The corner office desks are the ideal choice for small offices. They save a lot of space while being highly functional. You can select from models with a single work surface and L-shaped ones which have two separate work surfaces. Many models come with a hutch for maximum functionality.

Using the Wall

If you have a long, but not particularly wide office or if you want to save space without setting your work area in the corner, you can consider placing a longer office desk along the wall. That way, you can get a large work surface without wasting any valuable room. You can go for a unit with a hutch to make your work area even more functional. You can also choose to place filing cabinets and bookshelves against the wall on the sides of the desk.

The Centre of Attention

You can choose to place your classic rectangular or L-shaped desk in the centre of the office. This is a highly recommended solution for professionals who work with major clients such as managers. This layout creates a more formal and professional atmosphere which is beneficial for the client relationships of the company. You can readily place a bookcase behind the work unit for greater functionality and for making even better impression on clients.

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